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How To Dial
1) What is 101-2428?
2) Do I need to sign-up or register before I use 101-2428?
3) Does 101-2428 have monthly plan fees?
4) How do I use 101-2428?
5) What are the rates to the countries I call?
6) Can I use 101-2428 from my cell phone, a pay phone or hotel?
7) If I use another Long Distance company, can I still use 101-2428?
8) What are the benefits of the 101-2428 service?
9) Is 101-2428 owned by Bell Canada?
10) How will I be billed?
11) How are dial around calls billed?
12) Will I be charged for a call if there is no answer?
13) Why are calls to cellular phones in some countries charged at a higher rate?
14) Is 101-2428 available for calls initiated outside of Canada?
15) Are there any additional monthly fees or minimums?
16) Who can I contact if I have any questions about my account?
17) What can I do if I experience any problems connecting my calls?
18) Why are my calls using 101-2428 not going through?
19) What should I do if I have an inquiry about the 101-2428 service?
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Calling with 101-2428 is simple. Just dial 101-2428 before all of your long distance calls.

To call international destinations:
  101-2428 + 011 + country code + city code + number

To call within Canada and the U.S.:
  101-2428 + 1 + area code + number
Save on calls to
India               2.9¢/min
China 1¢
Canada & U.S. 1 ¢
Mexico from 3.9¢
Vietnam 4.9¢
Philippines from 10.9¢
Hong Kong 1¢
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